Center for Research on Classrooms

The Center for Research on Classrooms (CRC), a new research center at the UA College of Education, brings research into a primary consideration as part of the debate in improving student learning in K-12 classrooms.

Today’s popular media and professional journals are replete with opinions about the quality of teachers, principals, and students, while the country is engaged in a massive and expensive effort to reform American schools once again. There have been many national reform efforts, including A Nation at Risk (1983), The National Education Summit (1996), No Child Left Behind (2002), and now The Race to the Top, funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (2009).

The new policy directive suggests that previous reforms are seen as inadequate by the Obama administration and key personnel (e.g., Arne Duncan) in the Department of Education. Scholars agree that school reform efforts have been recycled, inadequate if not complete failures, and set the stage for the next new “problem” of the public school.

CRC's focus is on classrooms, rather than on one particular aspect of classrooms such as teachers, or students, or curriculum. CRC is not driven by politics or any ideological orientation. Problematic and politically driven reform initiatives have emerged from both major political parties in the U.S., and The Race to the Top appears vulnerable to charges of more of the same. CRC pursues the development of research activities and policy papers that are problem-focused and driven by research evidence rather than assertion.

CRC is directed by Professors Mary McCaslin, Jonathan Tullis, Tom Good, and Darrell Sabers. 

Participating Faculty and Students

Mary McCaslin, Professor, Educational Psychology 
Jonathan G. Tullis, Assistant Professor, Educational Psychology
Thomas L. Good, Professor Emeritus, Educational Psychology
Darrell Sabers, Professor Emeritus, Educational Psychology 

Heidi Burross, Associate Professor of Practice, Educational Psychology
Elizabeth Pope, Assistant Professor of Practice, Educational Psychology

Bernadette Mora, Educational Psychology 
Marylyn Valencia, Educational Psychology
Christine Vriesema, Educational Psychology 

Amanda Bozack, Ph.D., Educational Psychology, Associate Professor and Department Chair at University of New Haven

Alyson Lavigne, Ph.D., Educational Psychology, Associate Professor at Roosevelt University

Amy Olson, Ph.D., Educational Psychology, Assistant Professor at Duquesne University 

Ruby Vega, Ph.D., Educational Psychology, Assistant Professor at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts 

Carrie Wiley, Ph.D., Educational Psychology, Senior Research Scientist at Human Resources Research Organization