Doctoral Degrees

Teaching, Learning & Sociocultural Studies

Teaching & Teacher Education, Ph.D.

The Teaching & Teacher Education, Ph.D., program prepares candidates for research and university teaching. Areas of emphasis include studying processes and practices of teacher education generally or in specific disciplines. The program offers a variety of specializations, including:

Learn and develop academic and research skills through coursework, participation in research projects, and completion of comprehensive examinations and a dissertation
Study theory and methods of conducting research through participant observation in school or community settings
Gain experience teaching undergraduate courses


See Coursework.


The Teaching & Teacher Education, Ph.D., program prepares students for leadership roles in academic and non-academic settings. A central focus of the program is on developing leaders who can contribute in a significant way to solving practical problems facing education. Upon completion of the Ph.D., students will be prepared for positions in university teaching and research, curriculum design, public and private research, centers and museums, and school leadership.

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