Student Services

The Office of Student Services and Academic Advising for Education majors is located in the College of Education, room 247.  This is the first stop for the College of Education undergraduate student and for any undergraduate student who wants to learn more about the college's programs and opportunities.

Here are just a few of the services and resources we provide:

  • Academic advising to current pre-education, early childhood education, elementary education, special education undergraduates, post-baccalaureate, and Teach Arizona master's program candidates
  • Information about the College of Education’s undergraduate major and minor programs to current and prospective students, including high school and transfer students
  • Information regarding our undergraduate admission process, including admission to professional programs
  • Information on gaining experience with children and youth
  • Information on college affordability; see our Financial Planning & Resources page
  • Student Ambassadors to provide the student perspective for current and prospective students
  • Assistance for all undergraduates in the College of Education regarding petitions (College Petitions, UA General Petitions, and Late Change Petitions)

The College of Education offers certification programs to teach a content area in middle or high school as a master's degree.  Learn more about Teach Arizona master's degree program.

The Office of Student Services plans many programs, such as freshman orientation for new education majors, Certification Day, Teacher Career Day, and the New Teacher Candidate Reception.

The Office of Student Services has a student lounge with WIFI, tables, and chairs.

Questions? Ask Ed-Advise or call (520) 621-7865 to schedule an appointment.