Native SOAR

Native SOAR (Student Outreach, Access and Resiliency) is a multigenerational sevice-learning mentoring program that equips undergraduate students at the University of Arizona (UA) to mentor local middle and high school students. In the program’s two-tier mentoring model, enrolled undergraduates are also mentored by current UA graduate students and professionals from within the Tucson and University community.  Native SOAR was established in 2005 by Dr. Jenny Lee, Professor at the Center for the Study of Higher Education at the UA's College of Education, and Dr. Amanda Tachine, Postdoctoral Scholar at the Center for Indian Education at Arizona State University.

Amanda Cheromiah (Laguna Pueblo)
Native SOAR Director

Amanda Cheromiah is a Ph.D. student in Higher Education at the University of Arizona. She has served as Native SOAR's instructor for nearly four years and was recently appointed Director in Spring semester 2018. When she was an undergraduate, she also served as a mentor for 2 years. Amanda integrates digital storytelling, photography and creative teaching techniques to engage and empower students on all levels of the educational pipeline. Amanda's intended dissertation research will focus on using digital storytelling as a cutting edge method to describe the experience of Native American students who attend large, public institutions across the United States.  

Felisia Tagaban (Diné, Tlingit, Filipino)
Native SOAR Graduate Assistant

As a Native Wildcat, who recently returned to UArizona for graduate school, Felisia has enjoyed the privilege of being part of the College of Education's M.A. in Higher Education program. For the past two years, she had the honor of serving as a Graduate Assistant for Native SOAR. The program and its mission aligned with her desire to increase the enrollment and success of American Indian/Alaska Native college students at UArizona. It also provided a "home away from home" experience for her and the Indigenous UArizona community. She looks forward to working with Native SOAR as she continues as a doctoral student in the Center for the Study of Higher Education.

Myrhea Sherman (Diné)
Native SOAR Graduate Assistant

First-generation graduate student from Tonalea, Arizona, studying at UArizona to potentially give back to her community by helping middle/high school students on the reservation pursue higher education to increase Indigenous student retention rates. Currently, Myrhea is gaining guidance from two indigenous scholars, Amanda Cheromiah (Ph.D candidate in the higher education program at UArizona/Native SOAR mentoring program director/VOICE member) and Felisia Tagaban (Higher Education Master’s Program at UArizona/ Native SOAR Graduate Assistant/VOICE member) to help her better serve the tribal communities. Myrhea is thankful for the guidance from her two mentors and the College of Education faculty/administrators.

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