Arizona Teachers Academy

Scholarship Details
  • The scholarship covers all tuition and mandatory fees for participating teacher certification programs at the University of Arizona once an applicant has already accepted all other non-loan aid, such as institutional and private scholarships, federal Pell grants, and select stipends. For a list of mandatory fees covered by the ATA scholarship, you may refer to the Bursar’s fee descriptions.  Please note: the ATA Scholarship does not cover such fees as candidacy fees, course fees, or study abroad charges.
  • Undergraduate students may receive ATA funding for a maximum of eight semesters, while graduate students may receive funding for a maximum of four semesters.
  • In exchange, each teacher, upon successful completion of their participating teacher certification program, commits to teaching full-time in any public or charter school in the state of Arizona for as many years as they received Academy funding — one-year minimum for any funds received.
  • Failure to honor this service commitment may result in students having to repay all or a portion of the ATA funds they received.  Scholarship recipients have a one-year grace period from when they complete their teaching certification program to find a full-time position at a public or charter school in Arizona.
  • You may apply for the ATA Scholarship prior to being accepted into a participating teacher certification program at the University of Arizona.  However, your scholarship application will not be considered until you are accepted into a program.
  • Application Deadlines
  • Once scholarship recipients complete their certification program, they are eligible for new teacher support during their first year of certified teaching. This support includes instructional coaching, access to content and instructional resources, and opportunities to participate in professional development events exclusive to the ATA.
  • For additional questions about the ATA Scholarship itself, please contact us by email.