Arizona Teachers Academy


The scholarship covers all tuition and mandatory fees for participating teacher certification programs at the University of Arizona once an applicant has already accepted all other non-loan aid, such as institutional and private scholarships and federal Pell grants. For a list of mandatory fees covered by the ATA scholarship, you may refer to the Bursar’s fee descriptions.  Please note: the ATA Scholarship does not cover such fees as candidacy fees, course fees or study abroad charges.

Following their completion of a participating program, ATA graduates will also be eligible for various new teacher supports (e.g., instructional coaching and professional development opportunities exclusive to the ATA) throughout their first year of teaching.

You may apply for the ATA Scholarship prior to being accepted into a participating teacher certification program at UArizona. However, your scholarship application will not be considered until you are either accepted into a certification program or, in the case of undergraduate students, no more than one semester away from entering one.

Applicants to the ATA who are currently enrolled at the University of Arizona are considered Arizona residents if they pay resident tuition — students can confirm their residency status by clicking on the “Demographics Data” link at the bottom of their Student Center in UAccess. However, undergraduate transfer students and incoming graduate students may have to verify their residency status with the university by completing a Domicile Affidavit. For more information, please contact the Residency Classification Office at 520-621-3636, by email or by visiting their website.

Yes but priority will be given to students who are pursuing a full course of study for their teacher certification program, which may not always involve full-time enrollment.

No, there are currently no post-baccalaureate programs at Arizona currently participating in the ATA Scholarship.

The Board of Regents requires that all ATA Scholarship recipients file their FAFSAs every year they receive the scholarship. As such, the ATA Scholarship cannot be disbursed until the recipient has submitted a current year FAFSA and had it processed by the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid (which includes any additional financial aid verification).

Applicants awarded an ATA Scholarship will not be charged tuition or mandatory fees for the duration of their time in a participating certification program. Undergraduate students have a maximum of eight semesters to complete their teaching certification program (enrollment must be continuous and in good standing). Graduate students have a maximum of four semesters. Students who have reached their maximum number of ATA-funded semesters and have not yet completed their teacher certification program may not reapply or be eligible for additional ATA funding to complete that certification program.

Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters are all covered by the ATA Scholarship. However, because of (a) the maximum number of semesters a student can be funded, and (b) the terms of the service commitment (see below), we strongly encourage you to email us if you decide to change your graduation date and/or take classes in the summer.

Please note that once you are admitted to the ATA, you do not have reapply unless you change programs or discontinue enrollment and then return.

Additional grants or scholarships awarded after receiving an ATA Scholarship will cause your ATA Scholarship to be adjusted accordingly. That is, the ATA scholarship only covers outstanding tuition and fees after all other financial gifts, aid, grants, or select stipends are awarded. Conversely, if you lose any grants or scholarships while receiving ATA Scholarship funds, your ATA Scholarship will be increased to cover any newly outstanding tuition/fees.

For purposes of finalizing the amount paid out by the ATA each Fall and Spring semester, your enrollment (which determines your tuition and fees) is locked in at the end of the university's last day for a refund that semester -- which is also the last day to drop a class without receiving a grade of W. This means that any changes to your enrollment after this date will neither increase nor decrease your ATA Scholarship amount. Changes to your non-loan aid, however, will continue to impact your ATA Scholarship throughout a given semester.

For Summer sessions, the lock-in dates are as follows:

* For Five-Week 1, Six-Week 1, Seven-Week 1, Eight-Week 1, and 13-Week sessions, the lock-in date is the last refund day for Five-Week 1.
* For Five-Week 2, Six-Week 2, Seven-Week 2, Eight-Week 2, and 10-Week sessions, the lock-in date is the last refund day for Five-Week 2.

To view a given semester’s refund/drop date, please visit the Registrar's Dates and Deadlines.

You may return ATA funding disbursed for a given semester up until its last day for a refund (see the previous FAQ above), after which your award amount is locked in. To view a given semester’s refund/drop date, please visit the Registrar's Dates and Deadlines.

Please note that if you do leave the ATA prior to this deadline and decide later that you would like to be re-admitted, you will have to re-apply to the Academy as a new applicant.

The Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid (OSFA) is able to answer questions about how your other funding such as grants, scholarships, and stipends impact your ATA Scholarship award amount. OSFA is also able to determine the reasons behind issues affecting the release of awards to your account. For questions related to ATA and your financial aid, please contact OSFA through its Ask Aid email portal. When typing out your question, select the “Az Teachers Academy” category from the drop-down list so that your message can be routed to the correct staff member.

The scholarship may pay for classes required for your teacher preparation program but are taken during the Summer at another institution. However, approval is on a case-by-case basis, and must be obtained through a two-step process. First, the student must request approval by contacting Second, once approval is given, the student must submit a Consortium Agreement form to the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid by the posted deadline. For more information, please visit OSFA Consortium Agreement page.

You may teach at any public or charter school in the state of Arizona. Full-time teaching positions only.

For a list of eligible schools, you may visit the Arizona Department of Education’s database on local educational agencies.

You have a one-year grace period from when you complete your teacher certification program. Failure to honor this service commitment within the time allotted may result in having to repay all or a portion of the ATA Scholarship you received. Full requirements, conditions, and deferment options are explained in the Scholarship Agreement, which you will sign prior to receiving the scholarship award.

You must commit to one year of service for every year (or a portion of a year) you receive ATA Scholarship funds. For example, if you receive either one or two semesters of ATA funding, your service commitment is just one year. However, if you receive it for either three or four semesters, your commitment increases to two years.

For additional questions about the ATA Scholarship itself, please contact us by email.