Fingerprint Clearance Requirement

Since all professional programs involve fieldwork, applicants to all College of Education professional preparation programs must provide a front and back copy of their Arizona identity verified fingerprint (IVP) fingerprint clearance card at the time of professional admission. All students must also have IVP clearance in order to obtain certification to teach in Arizona. Students who do not submit verification of having a valid Arizona IVP fingerprint clearance card will not be enrolled for professional classes.

If you do not have this clearance card, you'll need to obtain one as soon as possible. Cards are valid for six years before renewal is required.

If you are currently in Arizona, you will need to find a local fingerprinting agency in your area and complete the Online Application for your card at the Arizona Department of Public Safety website. Select “Apply for a Card” for more information.

If you are not currently in Arizona, please contact Student Services at 520-621-7865 or by email to be mailed a paper fingerprint packet, which you will take to a local fingerprinting agency in your state for completion.

All applicants should select the following two items in their application in order to receive the proper IVP card for professional admission and certification:

  • Reason: ARS 15-534 State Board of Education (Teacher or Other Certification)
  • Payment/Fee Type: Paid Employee. This is because your goal is to become a paid employee after completing your program; this is also required to obtain the proper type and level of card (IVP).

If you have any questions regarding fingerprinting, please contact Student Services at 520-621-7865 or by email.